The V2net Story
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The V2net Story
Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with V2Net?
You can make your video instantly viewable to anyone anywhere in the world. If preferable, your videos can have password protection and encryption ensuring that only authorized individuals are able to view your videos.

Do I need to have a Web site of my own?
No. V2Net allows the videos to run from the web any way you'd like; we have a variety of options for this.

Can V2Net provide all my Internet needs?
Yes. Our services include web site hosting, e-mail, design, consulting, day-to-day management, all your internet needs.

How much does it cost?
We have packages beginning from $99 per month with no long term contracts required. See our pricing section for more information.

How many videos may I have on the web at one time?
This is completely unlimited.

Can I encode and manage my own videos?
Yes. You can do this or V2Net can provide everything for you.

Can I e-mail my videos?
V2Net makes this possible by giving e-mail recipients a place to view or download your videos without placing intensive demand on your e-mail server.

Can I distribute my videos to affiliates, servers, or kiosks?
Yes! Content and playlist distribution with rock solid assurance and verification is an area where V2Net has tremendous expertise and capabilities. Please contact us for more information.

Can I do Pay-Per-View?
Absolutely. This can provide new revenue opportunities plus increased viewership of your videos.

Is it difficult to start and work with video on the web?

With V2Net's staff handling all of the details for you it couldn't be easier. You will benefit from the increased revenues and efficiencies without diverting attention from your core business.

What kind of reporting can I get?
The reporting services we offer are virtually unlimited.

Can I outsource all of my web needs to V2Net?
Absolutely. All of our services are available a-la-carte or as a complete package. We provide everything from complete management and billing to regular web sites and personalized you@yourcompany.com e-mail accounts, to simply encoding your videos.

Can my videos be viewed at quality similar to a TV viewing?
Yes! We the highest quality online video experience available! See the V2et [Screening Room] by clicking here.

Does V2Net support true broadcast television video such as MPEG-2 and DVD?
Yes! We support ALL digital formats even native Mini-DV, DVC-Pro, DVC-Cam, AVI, MJPEG, Real, Quicktime, Windows Media, MPEG 4, MPEG 1, Pal, NTSC, Seacam. See the V2net [Screening Room] by clicking here.

How do I do it?
Simply contact us or create a user account now.

Do you support broadcast automation?
We support and specialize in it. Our sister company www.d-co.com writes software and builds hardware for this and our staff has proven experience with many television stations, cable operators, hospitals, government, and fortune 500 companies.

Can I use V2Net to do end to end television broadcasting?
Yes - This is our specialty.

What different ways can my videos be seen on the Web?

On Demand means that viewers can play your preexisting videos whenever they'd like. Just like they do when you give them a video tape they play in their VCR. V2Net allows the videos to be played as desired from the web. On Demand can generally be done extremely affordably. On Demand requires no hardware or software at your site since your V2Net account provides all the infrastructure.
Progressive Download means that viewers can experience your videos at up to broadcast quality regardless of their connection speed. Viewers can begin viewing the videos before the video is completely downloaded. As a matter of fact many of our clients use V2Net to store and send broadcast quality video to television stations which ultimately broadcast the video's.
Live webcasting means that you want viewers to be able to see video as it is happening at an event such as a conference, wedding, sporting event etc. Live webcasting requires bandwidth and equipment at the facility of the event.









Does my Internet speed matter?
No! This is why many of our clients choose to work with V2Net since your V2Net account provides virtually unlimited bandwidth for all of your viewers.

Is it expensive?
Actually it is extremely affordable to add your videos to the Internet. Our clients vary greatly from small businesses to all sizes of churches, to large corporations and federal agencies. Many factors determine the ultimate cost.

What are some examples of V2Net's service and pricing?
Television broadcasting

What are the benefits of adding my videos to the web?

If your company has a television commercial or infomercial we'll take your video and incorporate it into your website. This will allow all your website visitors to see your videos upon visiting your site.
If your company provides training videos, these can be viewed by your site visitors. They can view them for free or for a charge. The videos can be password and encryption protected or immediately viewable.
Revenue opportunities
Sell your videos online, sell your videos pay-per-view, increase the notoriety and demand for your video assets by taking advantage of what the web has to offer, market your videos to those in other parts of the world that would otherwise never discover your content.
Now your videos are available to your viewers 24/7/365. Even you will find it easier to find your videos now that they are all accessible right from your desktop.
Create new opportunities
Your prospective clients will see how web savvy you are and will ask you to provide maximization of their message using your powerful web capabilities.
Archiving, protection, redundancy
Your videos are now protected forever from fire, flood, theft, deterioration.
After you've created or edited a clip you'll have it conveniently available for clients or colleagues to view anytime anywhere.
Customer Service
Individuals needing your training videos can get them immediately right at their desktop. This will improve your clients impression of your customer service.
Mailing out video cassettes is more expensive plus they arrive hours or days later than desired costing you and your affiliates or clients time and money.
Save money!
The savings can be in the thousands per month!


















Will this be demanding on my hardware or bandwidth?
No! V2Net provides all the needed people, hardware, software, and bandwith required for your videos to play from the web. Actually, if you wish you could do everything V2Net provides but it will cost you more, a lot more. This is one of the biggest reasons our clients use our services.

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