Small, Medium, & Large Examples

What are some examples of V2Net's service and pricing?

VSPC plans.
VSPC stands for Video Store and Play Combo package. VSPC packages allow your audience to see your videos On-Demand. These packages combine the Internet bandwith and connectivity to provide playability (streaming) of your videos with web based hard disk storage needed for the videos to be available online. With a VSPC package you'll have plenty of room to store all of your videos. Your audience will be able to view your videos any time anywhere.

The plans are made up of two main items:

Data Transfer this normally determines how much viewing activity you can provide to viewers each month. Nominal additional charges occur when the amount of data transfer (aka bandwidth) included is exceeded.

For example: At very high quality video resolution (300-800k) videos can play from the Internet at television quality and our VSPC 7 medium sized package, allows about 150 - 250 hours of viewing. At average web video resolution (56k) the VSPC 7 pack will allow nearly 1000 Hours viewing per month!

Storage determines how much actual audio or video you can store on the web.

For example: our medium level package VSPC 7 allows for 5 Gigabytes of online storage. For videos intended to play from the web at very high resolution (300 -800 k) this is about 5 - 8 hours of video storage.







We offer several plans to suit you no matter how big or small. If you have needs that don't fit one of our plans just give us a call, we'll be happy to tailor an account that offers just the right blend of storage and bandwith

You can easily make available on the web your television commercial or infomercial. If you have just 1 or a few videos which total less than 1/2 hr in length, and if you do not anticipate more than 100-200 viewers per month our VSPC 1 package is perfect for you. With the VSPC 1 you'll have your videos included as a part of your web site for anyone, anytime, anywhere to see.

VSPC 1 500 MB Storage 8 GB Download $149 Order

If you provide numerous videos and/or have a lot of viewing, one of the medium packages such as the VSPC 4 or 9 will work well. These allow for over 10,000 minutes of viewing at high resolution (300k or more). These plans also provide robust redundant online storage for 8 - 25 hours of video (at 300k or more).

The videos can be viewed free or for a charge. The videos can be password and encryption protected or immediately viewable to all.

VSPC 4 2 GB Storage 20 GB Download $450 Order
VSPC 7 5 GB Storage 60 GB Download $745 Order
VSPC 9 10 GB Storage 100 GB Download $995 Order

Need to store loads of video and/or serving thousands of viewings? Our robust load balanced servers deliver. With our VSPC 10 you'll serve thousands of viewers at the best quality streams anywhere on the web. You'll also have safe, secure, online location for hours and hours of your videos.

VSPC 20 1000 GB Storage 1000 GB Download $6,940 Order

















With one of our Video Store and Play Combo (VSPC) packages you'll have the Large, convenient web based system you need to save money, create efficiency, and deliver collaboration with your messages and videos. At the same time you will create new revenue opportunities, and protect your assets with archival and redundant storage. Click here to get started [create a user account]

PL plans
PL stands for Play Live. PL packages allow your audience to view and/or hear your station or conference live and in real time. This live streaming service is very popular today so that your audience can hear or watch your station or conference even during a trip or after a move. These packages combine the Internet bandwith and connectivity to provide playability (streaming) of your live video's to be available online.

With a PL package a small streaming appliance is placed at your facility. The appliance forwards your live video feed to our facility. Our server farm then provides the connectivity to viewers around the world via the web.

The better the quality of the video the bigger the package you'll need. You can switch between plans up or down anytime you wish. Upon initiating your account we'll give you few days to demo the different packages allowing you to easily collaborate to choose the best plan for you. Click here to get started [create a user account]

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